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December 6, 2012

Gender Gaps Worldwide

By Cindy Ivanac-Lillig

Happy New Year! To build upon entries I have done on "Gender and Policymaking" and "More Women=More GDP Growth," I wanted to kick this year off with the recently released, Global Gender Gap Report from the World Economic Forum.

This study does a good job of measuring the gap that exists between men and women in both access and attainment of existing resources within an individual country, whereas many other gender studies simply observe the relationship between the level of development of a particular country (how many resources it has) and the status of its women. In the words of the authors, this study is not about women's empowerment but more a measure of equality among genders.

The U.S. ranked 22nd overall, with its highest ranking (1st) in Educational Attainment, followed by (8th) Economic Participation, (33rd) Health and Survival, and (55th) Political Participation.

What do you think? How much potential economic growth lies in the untapped talent of women? Check out the article from theglasshammer.com and see if it sparks any new thoughts.

If you are a classroom educator and find a way to use this resource in the classroom, please share.

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