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February 25, 2013

New Resource: Michigan Economy Blog

By Cindy Ivanac-Lillig

There are a lot of good economics blogs on the internet. I have linked to many of them in my posts. However, objective blogs that specialize in a particular industry and/or geographic area are much more difficult to find (and are usually more helpful for research and analysis). They exist but the quality is spottier. This is why it is exciting for me to share that the Chicago Fed is launching a Michigan-based economic blog. Michigan is a small state. It represents 2.5% of our national GDP and only a little over 3% of our population, but has more research and development in the automotive sector than the remaining 49 states combined. It is a small place in the world that is important to many big places in the world such as the EU and China. Please check it out and see how it can enhance your work. The post about Canada-U.S. relations caught my eye.

Do you know of any good specialized economics blogs? Please do share them.

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