New York Fed Blogs on Student Loans

Today, February 18, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York began an important 3-part blog series addressing student debt.   The series will be posted on their Liberty Street Economics blog.

Liberty street

According to a preview from the NY Fed, the series includes:

The Student Loan Landscape” (today’s post) — This entry examines the trajectory of student debt since 2004 and provides updated figures on the distribution of student loan borrowers by age and by average balance, as well as an update on their ability to obtain mortgages.

Looking at Student Loan Defaults through a Larger Window (Feb. 19) — This entry examines cohort default rates and uncovers that performance by cohort worsened in the years leading up to the Great Recession. Moreover, defaults appear to be concentrated among the lowest balance borrowers.

Payback time? Measuring Progress on Student Debt Repayment (Feb. 20) — This entry examines how fast (or slow) student borrowers are able to pay off their loans. The authors find delinquency and default rates might understate the true extent of borrower problems in the student loan market.