Snapshot of U.S. Economy

cropped ny fed picThe New York Fed’s Research and Statistics group has launched “U.S. Economy in a Snapshot.” The site describes it as a “monthly presentation designed to give you a quick and accessible look at developments in the economy.”  The best part of the site is the accompanying short slide deck that gives a succinct yet thorough current state of the economy. The first couple of slides give the reader a quick overview of the state of GDP, employment, and inflation. The slide deck lives up to the series’ title. In the first two slides, the reader really does have a snapshot of the current economy!  Click here for the recent August 2015 slide deck.

The short descriptions are easy to read and understand. In addition to the pdf of the slides, the site offers users the data to download. I can see this site being used widely in classrooms and professional arenas.

It is important to note that “U.S. Economy in a Snapshot” does not necessarily reflect the position of the New York Fed or the Federal Reserve System. It solely represents the views and analyses of the individual contributors from the Research & Statistics group.

The upcoming editions of “U.S. Economy in a Snapshot” will be posted: September 21; October 19; November 16; December 21. It is released at 10am EST.